Registration Resources

Each number below has information or resources that correspond to numbers on the Registered Community Organization application, downloadable here.  To access the City of Pittsburgh's page on Registered Community Organizations, click HERE

Section A- Community Organization Information 

1.  Official Name

Provide the name of your organization.

2. Geographic Boundaries

Check THIS map to see if the geographic boundaries that define your service area match Pittsburgh neighborhood boundaries.  If they do, list the neighborhood or neighborhoods where you work.  If not, provide both a written and graphic description of your boundaries as attachments. 

3. Current Officers or Board Members

List names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of each board member. 

4.  Recipient for Official Communications from City

Provide contact information for your designated contact person for City communications.

5. Schedule for Electing Officers or Board Members

If you have a schedule for electing officers and board members, describe it here.  This document provides some questions and best practices for board rotation.  This document is one example of bylaws language describing board rotation for a CDC with a Community Based Block Grant. This document is another example of bylaws describing board rotation procedures for a CDC.

6. Time and Place of Regular Meetings

Every nonprofit is required to describe some format for meetings in its bylaws for legal compliance.  This will include provision for an annual meeting and may also describe a process for special meetings (an example of bylaws language describing these meetings is found here).  In order to build good relationships with members and the community, most organizations have many more meetings. Provide your meeting schedule and address. 

7. Website 

Provide the website URL where you make meetings, agendas, and minutes publically available.  For guidance on  making websites well-organized and easy for the public to access, click hereTHIS is a good example of a website that's informative and well-organized.  

Section B-  Additional Documents 

1. IRS Determination letter or MOU with a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation

If you are an independent 501c3, provide documentation.  The form will look something like this.  If you are the project of a fiscal agent, provide a copy of that memorandum of agreement.   A good example of an MOU for this relationship is found here

2. Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of interest policies document each board member's pledge that they will not profit as individuals from their board service.  A sample policy is here.  The National Council for Nonprofits lists more resources and articles on THIS page.  

3. Copy of the Statement of Purpose or Mission of the Organization

This statement describes what you do, how, and for whom.  Mission statements should be the product of group deliberation, including the board and community perspectives.  For more information on creating a mission statement, click here

4. Copy of the Bylaws

Bylaws are a legal document that describes the organization's functioning.  A sample outline for nonprofit bylaws is found here.  Independent 501c3 organizations have submitted bylaws as part of their incorporation.   Programs with fiscal agents can submit the bylaws of their fiscal sponsor.  

5 and 6 - Geographic Boundaries

Reference Section A. 

7. Communication Strategy

A communication plan describes how you will be communicating with your community.  For questions that will help you develop your communication plan, click here.  A template for a communications plan is available here

8. Policy Against Discrimination

Nondiscrimination policies document an organization's commitment to fair participation and hiring, when relevant.  A short sample policy is here.  Guidestar's nondiscrimination policy (as well as its Diversity and Inclusion Policy and its Equal Employment Opportunity statement) are shown HERE

9. Signed Letter from Councilperson

Contact your councilperson's office for assistance. 

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