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Integrating Community Groups into City Processes

The City of Pittsburgh supports neighborhood groups and the work they do on behalf of residents and their communities, and believes the Registered Community Organization (RCO) Program empowers community groups and legislates the community’s voice into City law.   The Registered Community Organization (RCO) Program provides a standard and predictable method for community input on development activities and planning processes throughout the city of Pittsburgh.  The benefits of RCO status include notification of public hearings, guaranteed meeting with developer/applicant prior to a public hearing, Planning Commission adoption of neighborhood plan developed with RCO, and placement on official maps, brochures, and directories.  The program outlines specific responsibilities and procedures for RCOs, the City, and any developers/applicants applying to work in that community prior to public hearings. 


The City of Pittsburgh is invested in making the RCO designation accessible to all community groups that desire it.  Recognizing that some of the requirements may be challenging,  the City of Pittsburgh is partnering with the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management to provide support services to nonprofit organizations in order to successfully register. 

If you are interested in finding information to help complete the RCO application, visit the "Resources" page.   If you're interested in learning more about in-person training sessions, please visit the "Training" page. 


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